2017 NASJE Conference Curriculum Planning is Underway


Greetings NASJE members from the annual Conference Committee!

As a reminder, the 2017 NASJE Conference will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on September 10-13, 2017, at the Francis Marion Hotel. The theme for the conference will be Old meets New: incorporating fundamentals, instructional design and adult learning in the 21st century. In collaboration with the Education and Curriculum Committee, five courses are being created to incorporate our NASJE Curriculum Designs in order to specifically address NASJE’s Core Competencies, i.e. Fundamentals, Leadership and Governance, Diversity, Grant Funding and Budgeting and Collaboration with Human Resources.

In addition, the Conference Committee is also collaborating with the Diversity and Fairness committee, which has submitted a number of courses as well as an experiential learning segment that will get us all thinking. Further planning also led this group to engage our members through the use of a course proposal survey, which asked the membership to tell us what you’d like to see in Charleston. We are confident that the curriculum recommended by our NASJE colleagues will enhance this year’s conference, as it is through our peers that we have always learned the most.

The NASJE Annual Conference Committee is made up of enthusiastic and dedicated judicial educators, and is co-chaired by Northeast Regional Director Janice Calvi- Ruimerman, and Southeast Regional Director Dan Rettig. The committee is a true NASJE All-Star team, comprised of Ileen Gerstenberger of Idaho, Caroline Kirkpatrick of Virginia, Marie Anders of Louisiana, Lee Ann Barnhardt of North Dakota, Stephanie Hemmert from the Federal Courts, Kelly Tait from Nevada and Vermont, and John Newell of New Mexico.

Soon after the Burlington Conference, this group began diligently working on creating a showcase of cutting edge judicial education techniques, strategies and emerging issues for this year’s conference. The committee is dedicated to bringing you bedrock courses for judicial educators, as well as delivering an engaging experiential learning session in the heart of Charleston. And of course, the committee has also made it a priority to create engaging networking components to further enhance your conference experience.

For more information about the conference, the curriculum proposals or to volunteer to help, please contact NASJE Annual Conference Committee co-chairs Dan Rettig () and Janice Calvi-Ruimerman ().