A Summary Report of the Faculty Development Program

By Philip J. Schopick, CCM | Program Manager, Judicial College | Supreme Court of Ohio

Fewer things are more satisfying than seeing teaching done right. The faculty development program taught at NASJE’s 39th annual conference in Seattle truly fit the bill. The program was taught by then NASJE President Kelly Tait and former NASJE presidents Joseph Sawyer and William Brunson.

This program was both an exercise and example of a great program taught by following tried and true adult learning techniques. To top it off, the presenters pointed out to the judges and judicial educators fortunate enough to be in the room the various ways they’d followed adult education techniques and the various activities they’d used as they taught. Lists of activities that are good to include in teaching programs include this list prepared by William Brunson which is available in the members-only section.

Do you need a faculty development program presented in your state and are not ready to do it yourself? Then any of these three presenters can do the job for you.