Forum for State Directors

by Lee Ann Barnhardt

A new feature of the NASJE Annual Conference this year was a Forum for State Directors of Judicial Branch Education Offices. The forum, facilitated by Jill Goski of Minnesota, attracted participants from about 12 states.

Since NASJE was founded by a handful of state directors of judicial branch education offices, the goal of this informal session was to reserve time at the conference for the unique job of state education administrators in this challenging economic time for the courts. Objectives were to exchange resources and wisdom, identify trends and problem solve, and begin and renew relationships among the state directors.

Directors were asked to introduce themselves and suggest a topic for discussion. As expected, there was much general discussion about budget cuts and identifying resources. More specifically, the session focused on the areas of technology, partnering, and managing staff.

The participants agreed that the session was beneficial to their work as directors and would like to see it continue as a regular conference feature.