CONFERENCE PREP: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel

We Are Charleston

We Are CharlestonELO Preview and Highly Recommended Reading

For those who want to get the most out of the Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO) at NASJE’s Annual Conference in Charleston, faculty members and authors of the book We Are Charleston: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel have highly recommended readings for you to do in advance of the ELO.

The recommended readings are shown below in in relation to the relevant sections of the ELO. The chapters mentioned are from their book which is available through your local bookseller or at Amazon.

We look forward to a great ELO.


I. The Charleston Context: Slavery and the Dramatic Interplay of Past and Present

— The African Methodist Episcopal Background
— Mother Emanuel Tour

  • Highly Recommended – Read in Advance
    •  We Are Charleston chapter 4 

II. Life Under Segregation

  • Highly Recommended – Read in Advance
    • We Are Charleston chapters 8, 10
    • Ben Tillman Speech: “Their Own Hotheadedness”: Senator Benjamin R.“Pitchfork Ben” Tillman Justifies Violence Against Southern Blacks 

III. The Attack on Mother Emanuel: Significance and Ramifications

— The Trial: Jockeying for Position State v Feds
— Shattering the Myth of the Post-Racial Society
— What Does Racial Justice Look Like?

IV. Application to Judicial Branch Education: Breakout Groups and Takeaway