NASJE Northeast Regional Meeting

July 13, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Members Present: Crystal Banks (Washington, DC), Joan Bishop (New Hampshire), Stephen Feiler (Pennsylvania), Franny Haney (Delaware), Joy Lyngar (National Judicial College), Judge Cornelia Mews (Canada), Judge Robert Pirraglia (Rhode Island)

During the NASJE Annual Conference (Las Vegas, Nevada), Northeast Region members met to share ideas, resources, and concerns. Major discussion points are outlined below. Those who have questions or would like additional information are encouraged to contact any of the individuals present at the discussion (see above).

NASJE 2012 Annual Conference
Ms. Joan Bishop and Judge Robert Pirraglia are leading local efforts to organize NASJE’s 2012 Annual Conference. They were kind enough to share with us their plans and progress. Their ideas are exciting and capitalize on the unique history and culture that only Boston offers. Regional members are encouraged to take advantage of the meeting’s closer proximity and plan to attend. NASJE’s 2012 Annual Conference is scheduled August 5 – 8 and will be at the Seaport Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts.

National Judicial College Offerings
Ms. Joy Lyngar briefed our group on National Judicial College resources that are available to supplement state efforts. In addition to free webinar offerings, the NJC has grant funded opportunities in a variety of areas, such as child exploitation. Members are encouraged to contact the National Judicial College with questions.

Program and Faculty Recommendations
Attendees shared program and faculty recommendations on a variety of topics. In the area of e-filing, Mr. Craig Ball (TX) and Judge Grossman (NY) came recommended as good resources. Mr. Peter Phillips (NJ) could assist in mediation discussions and Professor Orin Kerr (George Washington) is recommended for United States Supreme Court reviews. Ms. Teresa Robinson (Florida)who presented at the conference, is recommended for wellness programs and Ms. Kate Trotter presents interesting work in understanding how body language is perceived. Members who are interested in additional information are encourage to contact one of the members present.

Regional Communications
Several ideas were discussed to increase regional communication, collaboration, and support among members in the Northeast. Three suggestions enjoyed support among those present: an email list serve, quarterly conference calls, and annual face-to-face meetings. Efforts will be made to pursue these ideas during the coming year.