NASJE Southeast Regional Meeting

June 13, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada

During the NASJE Annual conference in Las Vegas, NV, the Southeast Region met and engaged in a dialogue concerning the following topics:

1) New Programming
State members offered new programming ideas that they have implemented or are going to implement. New need requests were discussed that mirrored recognized trends in the law germane to each state. Innovations in format and experimental learning procedures that have been utilized were covered. Each state provided input on its constituency, by statute and by evolution of practice.

2) Faculty Development
Most states are seeing a growth in judges taking senior status and full-fledged retirement. Among this growing group are many of our volunteer faculty. Member states discussed strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteer faculty during a time of shrinking budgets.

3) Online Education and New Technologies
Members discussed their organization’s experience with distance learning and adaptation of new technology. Court automation and electronic filing were also minor topics.

4) Budgets and Burnout
Obviously the economic impact of the last few years has been felt by every member state. With less money and more work, maintaining morale in challenging times was a hot topic. Questions such as, “How can we support our staffs?” and “How can we support fellow judicial educators?” were asked.

5) Networking
The Southeast has done a good job of trying to communicate more effectively in the past two years. A general review of that process and recommitment to connecting throughout the year (especially with members who were unable to attend the annual conference) was made. New suggestions about how to maintain our connections were brought to the table.