Northeast Regional Meeting

In attendance were representatives from Washington, D.C., Virginia, New Hampshire, Maryland, Canada, Rhode Island and New York. Participants spent some time discussing and strategizing how to provide support for the 2012 Conference that will be in Boston. Suggestions included speakers from Harvard University, the History Trail and a visit to the Historic Courthouse. For the Annual Dinner, we will check into a Dinner Cruise. A possibility for a fun session would be a “Radical History” workshop. Currently, there are no active NASJE members from the host state. Members from nearby New Hampshire and Rhode Island are very willing to provide help and support and they will volunteer to be on the Education Committee. Meanwhile, we will also try to engage some judicial educators from Massachusetts.

Other news:

  • New Hampshire will be hosting the COSCA New England Regional Conference in November.
  • D.C. will be hosting the CCJ winter meeting in January.
  • Judge Pirraglia shared some tales from the road of his corporate speaking engagements around the country – a whole different experience!
  • Rhode Island has had some experiences with judges being targeted for their decisions on same sex marriage cases. On the same topic, D.C. just implemented a same sex marriage law with only minor protests.
  • The National Judicial Education Project will be holding a pilot program in September for teams from several Northeast Region states. The Teams will be developing curriculum materials and teaching segments on handling sexual violence cases.
  • The group discussed bogus ethics charges being made against judges that can ruin careers regardless of their veracity.
  • International Judicial Branch Education work was also a topic of interest.