Pro Teaching Tips

Pro Teaching TipsPlease take a moment to browse your NASJE colleagues’ Pro Teaching Tips submissions below. By sharing these tips and using them in our classrooms, NASJE will continue to grow as an association of individuals that promote excellence in teaching.

Your Pro Teaching Tip submission should be a succinct — under 500 words — summary of an effective teaching method. Also include main points, method, and benefits, and consider including the key idea, general purpose, and good ways to implement your tip.

To submit your Pro Teaching Tip, email it to .


  • “For Higher-Quality Answers: Ask a Question and Pause for What Seems Like an Eternity (3 Seconds)” by Bryan Walker (PDF)
  • “Using Job Aids in Judicial Branch Education” by Nancy Fahey Smith (PDF)
  • “The Importance of Kinetic Energy in the Classroom” by Bronson Tucker (PDF)