Courts have a critical role in free societies to do justice, to guarantee liberty, to resolve disputes, to maintain rule of law, to provide for equal protection and to ensure due process of law. Our courts preserve our freedom, but only through the daily efforts of judges and court staff who administer justice in our courts. Professional judges and judicial branch employees must receive constant education and training to achieve the highest standard of competence, ethical conduct, integrity, professionalism, and accountability. The National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE) is a professional membership organization supporting those who strengthen our courts through judicial branch education.

What is NASJE all about?

Providing professional development
NASJE provides its members with many virtual and in-person professional development activities – including our annual conference.

Networking with peers
NASJE’s greatest resource is its members and the organization provides many ways to connect and share resources.

Resources in court education
NASJE continues to develop standards, research, and development in the field of court education.

Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)