Past Conferences

2019 Conference: Denver, Colorado

  • The conference in Denver had participants “conquering mountains together” through innovative sessions and included a moving experiential learning opportunity where participants in the Aurora Theatre trial shared their experiences. Click here to see a schedule.

2018 Conference: Austin, Texas

  • Held at the Hotel Van Zandt, the Austin conference “developed leaders in court education” with dynamic leadership speakers on individuality, courage and, values. Click here to see a schedule.

2017 Conference: Charleston, South Carolina

  • Rescheduled to December due to a hurricane, the Charleston conference came back stronger than ever and gave attendees an incredible experiential learning session to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Click here to see a schedule.

2016 Conference: Burlington, Vermont

  • The Burlington conference encouraged attendees to “change perspectives” with speakers that focused on new ways to view procedural fairness and mental illness and the courts. Click here to see a schedule.

2015 Conference: Seattle, Washington

  • The Seattle conference was held jointly with the American Judges Association and “re-ignited, equipped, and equipped” participants with sessions on the latest research on learning and memory. Click here to see a schedule.

Below is a list of conferences pre-2015.

  • 2014 Conference: Chicago, Illinois
  • 2013 Conference: Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 2012 Conference: Boston, Massachusetts
  • 2011 Conference: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2010 Conference: San Antonio, Texas