Who should be a NASJE member?
NASJE’s membership includes judicial educators and others interested in judicial branch education.

What are the benefits to membership?
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  • Annual conference
    The Annual NASJE Conference is designed to give judicial educators the tools to develop effective and exciting education programs in their states. While each conference is somewhat different, all offer opportunities for learning, exploring, analyzing and interacting. Conferences include:
  • Educational sessions
  • Demonstrations of model programs
  • Technology showcase
  • Regional meetings
  • Leadership convocation
  • New judicial educator orientation program
  • Opportunities to network with other judicial educators, meeting planners, and technical gurus from all over the United States.
  • Extensive web resources
    Connect to a large number of internet resources of interest and value to judicial educators. Let us help take the guesswork out of how valuable a site might be. If it is one of our links, it has met a minimum standard of usefulness to judicial educators. If you find other good sites, let us know and we will add them to the list for your colleagues to access.
  • NASJE Listserv
    Receive and send communications to many judicial educators throughout the United States at the click of a mouse! Need a faculty person for a particular topic? Want to know what others with experience can tell you about a particular prospective faculty person or piece of equipment? Want to see a curriculum developed on a particular subject? Post your question or concern to the listserv and get replies from colleagues across the country and the world.
  • Opportunities for networking and collaborating on state, national, and international level
    NASJE offers regional listservs and the opportunity to arrange regional meetings at the annual conference and throughout the year. You can always call another member for information and advice. Develop working relationships and friendships with your counterparts in other states who understand the challenges and goals.
  • Permanent and ad hoc committees
    NASJE members offer valuable services to the judicial community by serving on standing and ad hoc committees. Click on Committees to see a description and a list of members of each of NASJE’s 12 standing committees. Joining a committee can put you in touch with like-minded people focusing on topics you find of particular interest.
  • NASJE News: Share ideas, programs, and resources
    NASJE News is an online quarterly publication. This ever-expanding resource provides project ideas from other state articles on adult education theory and practice, news updates, opinion peices, product reviews and much more.
  • Online discussion group
    NASJE’s website offers a link to JERITT’s online discussion group for NASJE members. You define the question you want to discuss and exchange ideas with colleagues at your convenience.
  • Mentor Program for new  judicial educators
    Want an experienced judicial educator assigned to you to help you deal with the challenges of your new position or would you like to be a mentor? You can find the applications in the member area or you can contact the Chair of the Mentor Committee. Read about one person’s experience with the Mentor Program.

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