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Arizona’s Leadership Model

Judicial educators create opportunities for transformative education that strengthens the administration of justice. One of the most important and valuable transformations we can facilitate is that from new hire to supervisor, manager, executive and beyond. It is just this sort of defined career pathway that attracts bright and justice-oriented individuals to a career in the courts.

Little Rock Central High School—A Lesson in Little Rock History

Little Rock, a city with a rich history, has seen periods of intense strife. These events have made it one of the most historically and culturally significant cities in American history. From its beginnings as a stop on Hernando de Soto’s exploration to the present day, various events have dotted the city’s growth and development culturally, economically and socially.

Court Staff Benefit from Law and Literature Course

Law and literature courses are common offerings in law schools across the country and are a regular feature in many judge trainings. In these instances, literature is used as a way of understanding the complex issues that are faced in the justice system. This serves a purpose, but there is also benefit in extending the study of literature to judicial staff beyond the bench.

The History of Little Rock

Little Rock, capital of Arkansas and site of the 2013 National Association for State Judicial Educators (NASJE) conference, is a city with a rich and colorful past, full of Southern charm and hospitality. Many culturally and historically significant events have happened here, and these occasions have helped shape it into the diverse metropolis that it is today.

Chief Justice Michael Cherry, Attorney Christopher Arabia, Justice Kristina Pickering, Justice Mark Gibbons, and Attorney John Friel

Nevada’s Judicial Outreach in Action

Since 2003, at the urging of Justice Mark Gibbons, the Nevada Supreme Court has been hearing cases at high schools throughout the state. Panels, usually made up of three of the seven Justices, have traveled to a number of rural areas, conducting hearings that usually have a connection to that specific region, in an effort to allow the general population and students to see how the court functions.

Using Sober Support Groups in Juvenile Courts

We have all heard of the law of unintended consequences…an adage or idiom that warns that an intervention in a complex system invariably creates unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes. It is a basic principle of economics, and governments struggle with unintended consequences to the policies that are set in place on a daily basis.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

by Laura Nagle Brain damage caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol can result in behaviors that increase an individual’s likelihood of becoming involved in the justice system. This article will provide a foundation of knowledge about the effects alcohol can Read more