From The Editor

Phil SchopickThe past year has seen the NASJE News continue to be a publication that contributes substantially to our profession. We have continued to add new areas of focus for articles and continue to invite new people to manage the sections of our issues. The improved web-based format continues to be well received.

The newsletter would not have been possible this year without the hard work, great ideas, and commitment of all the people who wrote articles for us, as well as the following recent editorial board members:

Lee Ann Barnhardt, Daphne Burns, Steve Circeo, Jo Deyo, Shawn Marsh, John Newell, Danielle Pugh-Markie, Michael Roosevelt, Nancy Smith, Kelly Tait, Wendy Schiller, Kelly Tait.

I also want to acknowledge the offices, agencies, and sponsoring organizations that made it possible for these wonderful people to devote their efforts to educating us all. I especially want to thank the Supreme Court of Ohio and Milt Nuzum, Director of the Judicial College, for the support and encouragement that has enabled me to act as chair of this committee.

Often, being a committee chair for any organization is a thankless task, and at times it is hard to comprehend why one would put oneself through it all. For me, getting to work with the people named above has been just as great a reward as being able to bring our membership a valuable publication on a regular basis.

It is thus a bittersweet decision I have made after 15 years on this committee to step down as the editor of NASJE News, effective with an appointment of a replacement by incoming President Marty Sullivan. If any of you are interested in working with a great group of people to produce a valuable product, please let Marty know. There is space on the committee for an editor as well as members.

Thank you all for this opportunity.

Respectfully submitted,
Philip Schopick, Editor NASJE News