Hidden Treasures on the NASJE Website

The Education and Curriculum Committee hosted its first Article Club Callinar for 2017 on February 23. The callinar, Hidden Treasures on the NASJE Website, focused on the hidden gems within the website. The “explorers” led 17 participants through the many “caverns” to discover the treasures that comprise the website as the participants followed along on their computers.

All the website tabs were explored, several of special interest included:

  • It was noted, if needing contact information for a NASJE resource the member area is the “gem” to discover the membership list, mentor program forms and materials from regional training session, webinars and conferences. This is the go to place to find contact information for a NASJE member.
  • As judicial educators you can find many links to sites and resources under the Jobs/Helpful Links and Resources/Links that allows easy one stop shopping when researching topics.
  • The Resources tab also includes timely information about access and fairness; the curriculum designs developed by the Education and Curriculum Committee used as a guide to develop training; and many other resources that provide insight.

The website mixes the new with the old. While the website is updated regularly to remain current and relevant, you will also find past articles that provide pertinent insight into current issues that could be lost if not managed in an organized manner. There are many “gems” in the JERITT Monographs found under the Resources tab that provide information about developing needs assessments, impact evaluations, curriculum development, mentoring and more. The News/News Archive 1985-2010 tab provides historical articles from past NASJE newsletters.

To celebrate all that NASJE members do, the website highlights and congratulates members in the About NASJE/Member Kudos tab. To spotlight an outstanding and individual’s activity or project the article could be found under the Resources/Spotlight on Judicial Education tab. Send an email to the contacts under the Contact tab to submit these articles. Then we can all share in their success!

Consider setting aside time in your day to browse through the website so you too can benefit from the hidden treasures on the website and find more value in your NASJE membership!