Martha Martin, Florida Chief of Court Education, retires

NASJE member Martha Martin, who served as the Chief of Court Education in Florida for 11 years, retired June 9, 2016.

Martha began her career practicing oil and gas law in Oklahoma City. She came to Florida in 1999 to work as senior attorney in judicial education, and was named Chief of Court Education in 2005. Her contributions to NASJE include about five years as Secretary to the Association. She also served as a member of the Curriculum Committee, working hand in hand with Christie Tull, Karen Thorson and others to produce the NASJE curriculum designs. Faculty development has long been a special interest of Martha’s. Many thanks to Martha for her valuable contributions to NASJE!

Martha plans to (finally) practice piano consistently in retirement, and she will endeavor to study Italian as well. While she may do some consulting, she wishes mainly to enjoy a more carefree lifestyle. She sends her best wishes to all her wonderful NASJE colleagues.