NAPCO produces webinars to help judges and court executives

The National Association for Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers has been producing monthly webinars since April 2020.

Led by Dr. Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey (CEO of PRAXIS Consulting), Gordon Griller (Executive Director of NAPCO), and other experts in the field of court leadership, the webinars so far have addressed the following subjects:

  • The Power of Civility, Decency, and Humility in Leading Courts
  • Preparing for 2021: Key Questions Court Leadership Teams Should Be Asking
  • Resilient Court Leadership: Building a “Better Normal” & Reimagining the Future of Work
  • Meaningful Strategies to Combat Systemic Racism in Trial Courts
  • Addressing Systemic Racism in Trial Courts
  • Confronting Systemic Racism in Trial Courts
  • Addressing Court Workplace Mental Health and Well-being in Tense Times
  • Leading and Managing the Reopening of Juries in Trial Courts
  • Crisis Leadership

For more information, and to access the recordings of the webinars, visit the NAPCO website.