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Judicial Balance: Lessons for Law and Life

We hope Judicial Balance helps you navigate the sometimes exhilarating and sometimes treacherous waters of being a judge, and makes it easier to find and enhance your fulfillment in serving the public as a judicial officer.

Conference 2012: Lessons Learned From Teaching Fairness

This breakout session was an opportunity for faculty and participants to share lessons learned from teaching fairness to judicial officers and court staff. Faculty discussed overcoming resistance to fairness topics by acknowledging it, integrating the topic into substantive courses rather…

Conference 2012: Short Films with Big Impact

In the session “Good Things Come in Small Packages: Using Short Films to Teach Diversity, Access, and Fairness Issues,” a wide range of short films were shown to illustrate the educational power that can be packed into brief recordings. NASJE…

Judicial Balance: Lessons for Law and Life

One of the American Inns of Court recently sponsored a program focused on what it called “threats to the judiciary.” These ranged from examples in rambunctious political debate to media effects on trials to the personal safety of judicial officers.