You Say Potato: A Curriculum Corner Crossword

For any occupation, a shared language helps define and guide its work. Establishing terms of art provides clarity and precision to members’ conversations and allows for more constructive discussion of the challenges that judicial branch educators face. This crossword puzzle is designed to reinforce some key terms and meanings of the NASJE Curriculum’s language. The clues and answers are derived from the glossary established by NASJE’s Curriculum Committee in their curriculum designs for each of our profession’s core competencies.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.16.37 AM


3. the uniqueness of each individual
5. a series of sequential steps used to plan and deliver a course (2 words)
6. applying the art and science of working with adults in an educational setting
7. an aspirational description of what an organization desires to become in the long term
9. a discrete educational endeavor
10. an overarching education plan for a specific audience
13. those responsible for delivering educational content
14. free from bias, injustice and prejudice
15. statement of what participants will be able to do or say to demonstrate learning (2 words)
18. truthfulness, credibility, worthiness, knowledgeable
19. a course posted online and accessed on demand is an example of a(n) _____ delivery method


1. synonymous with adragogy (2 words)
2. the system of moral principles that guides proper behavior
4. authorities that guide key operational decisions
8. the personnel who carry out a specific enterprise
11. the actual delivery of educational content
12. process to assess the value of something
16. _____ learning is education that combines two or more delivery types
17. _____ teaching engages two or more individuals sharing the delivery of content to an audience

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