NASJE Webcast Features Dr. James Loewen

NASJE members, met with author Dr. James Loewen via webcast to be held on Thursday, October 1 at 12:00 Pacific/3:00 Eastern!

Dr. Loewen is the author of the books Sundown Towns and Lies My Teacher Told MeLies My Teacher Told Me, which speak to educators about the destructiveness of inaccurate and misleading teaching and about persistent racism in the United States. Dr. Loewen is leading the experiential learning event at NASJE’s 2015 annual conference in Seattle, and this webcast will help launch the broader discussion we will undertake at the conference. Even if you aren’t attending the conference, this webcast will introduce you to topics of importance to judicial educators in today’s America and in our criminal justice system.

In 1969, while teaching at Tougaloo College, a black school in Mississippi, Dr. Loewen discovered an astonishing fact: His students had learned history in high school, but the history was inaccurate, misleading, and destructive. This experience prompted Loewen’s journey, spanning over 30 years, in which he uncovered how students were taught bad history, why students were taught bad history, and surprising findings about racism in the United States.

James W Loewen

You can read more about Dr. Loewen and purchase his books at Amazon

Dr. Loewen will sign your book at the conference. Don’t forget, NASJE participates in the Amazon Smile program.

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