WEBINAR: Online Learning: The Big Picture

Online learning is no longer just an occasional component of our job – in many cases, it’s fast becoming the primary focus! Join us for a panel discussion hosted by the Midwestern region with NASJE members who have facilitated the growth of online learning in their states and jobs. We will discuss how online learning changes your educational strategic plan, what’s happening in other states, and what’s on the horizon for court education and NASJE.

Online Learning: The Big Picture

This webinar is open to all NASJE members

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:00pm Central Time


  • Christine Christopherson, Director of Judicial Branch Education, Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts & Probation
  • Sarah Dahl, Program Manager, National Judicial College
  • Christopher Fields, Manager, Curriculum and Educational Services, Supreme Court of Ohio


  • Jessica Foreman, NASJE Midwestern Regional Director