Western Region Meeting Materials Now Available

Western Region

Western RegionOn August 11, 2016 NASJE’s Western Region hosted a meeting where we shared ways to approach teaching and facilitating discussions about the difficult topics of racism, prejudice and implicit bias in the judicial branch with judges and court staff. The documents provided by presenters can be found in the NASJE Member Area. Unfortunately, a link to the meeting recording is unavailable.

Michael Roosevelt shared how he and colleagues have approached the topic recently with staff at the California Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER), while Jason Mayo of California shared the comprehensive, long-term plan for teaching the topics there. Jesse Walker of Washington shared the outline of a judicial conference to be held next spring which revolves around the topic and different ways these issues come up in a variety of sessions over three days. The film 3 ½ Seconds: 10 Bulletforms the nucleus for the conference. Educators from five Western states participated in the web-based meeting.