Kathy Story

Kathy Story: Spotlighting Judicial Branch Education

Kathy Story, MA JD, has been an important and integral part of judicial branch education for many years. She has been affiliated with NASJE since 2002. For her company, Story Consulting and Coaching, she designs and delivers leadership, mentoring and faculty development training to attorneys, judges, court administrators and other legal professionals. Her workshops include learning styles, effective presentations, personal and organizational change, emotional intelligence, diversity training, generational differences and effective feedback.

Joseph Sawyer

Joseph Sawyer: Navigating Judicial Education in Great Change

If you don’t understand the technology, buy a book or take a class—don’t allow the fear to take over. Throw yourself into whatever resources are available. In order to be successful in our roles, we all must be lifelong learners and experience the merge of technology with education and understand how to turn a classroom training into an online model, while tailoring it to the nuances of the judicial branch.

Diane Cowdrey

Diane Cowdrey: Navigating Judicial Education in Great Change

The NASJE Communications Committee will endeavor to periodically feature a spotlight on a NASJE member who has demonstrated tremendous efforts while “Navigating Judicial Education in Great Change.” The Committee members have voted to highlight NASJE member Diane Cowdrey (CA) who led the restructuring of the Center for Judiciary Education and Research (CJER) during the meltdown of the economy and the fiscal crisis for California’s judicial branch beginning in early 2008. Diane is the Director of CJER, in the Operations and Programs Division, Judicial Council of California.