Christine Christopherson Promoted in Nebraska

Christine Chrisopherson
Christine Christopherson

Christine Christopherson was promoted from Director of Court Staff Education to the Interim Director of Judicial Branch Education to encompass probation, court staff, and judges. Christopherson had been with the Supreme Court of Nebraska for about seven months.

With the departure of Shela Shanks, former State Bar Commission Director/Counsel on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation has taken the opportunity to refocus the leadership of the Judicial Branch Education Division and the Attorney Services Division which had a shared administrator.  The separation will allow each to focus directly on the constituency served by their respective division. This change will become fully effective October 16, 2017.

Judicial Branch Education
Christine Christopherson will serve as Interim Director of Judicial Branch Education. The division will continue to provide education for judges, court staff, and probation staff as guided by the Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee.

Attorney Services Division

The Attorney Services Division, which oversees regulation of the legal profession and the provision of services by the Nebraska Supreme Court to all attorneys licensed in Nebraska, will continue under the leadership of Administrator Carole McMahon-Boies and will add Director of Admissions to her role.   Attorney services will maintain the management of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, attorney licensure, and bar examination.
The Counsel for Discipline, under the leadership of Mark Weber, will continue with the primary duty of investigation of disciplinary complaints against attorneys. The office will take on responsibilities and duties related to the Unauthorized Practice of Law formerly handled by Ms. Shanks.