IOJT Publishes 4th Issue of Judicial Education and Training

Judicial Education and Training

Judicial Education and TrainingThe International Organization for Judicial Training (IOJT) recently announced the publication of the fourth issue of Judicial Education and Training.

This issue presents twelve articles, which primarily addresses four themes:

  • Remote delivery of judicial education
  • Diversity in South Asian approaches
  • Core aspects of pedagogy
  • The Europe experience

The authors are:

  • William Brunson and Joseph Sawyer of the National Judicial College, USA
  • Dr Livingston Armytage, Director for the Centre for Judicial Studies, Sydney
  • Chief Judge Thomas Crabtree, Justice Joseph W. Bovard and Ms. Magdalena Serwin of the National Judicial Institute of Canada
  • Judge Boon Heng Tan, Executive Director of the Judicial College of Singapore
  • Dr. Faqir Hussain, then Director General of Pakistan’s Federal Judicial Academy
  • Shreekrishna Mulmi, Deputy Director at National Judicial Academy of Nepal
  • Dr. Charles A. Ericksen and Judge Lavdim Krasniqi Director of the Kosovo Judicial Institute
  • Dr Cheselden George Carmona, of the Philippine Judicial Academy
  • Dr Diane Cowdrey, Director of California’s Center for Judiciary Education and Research
  • Professor Brettel Dawson, Director of Education, National Judicial Institute of Canada
  • Judge Dr Petros Alikakos of Greece, who is member of the Consultative Board of the Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals, Council of Europe
  • Professor Piotr Mikuli of Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

All four issues of the IOJT Journal are available at the IOJT website.