Nominations Sought for NASJE Officers

At the annual conference in October, NASJE’s newest Board members will be sworn into office. Candidates are recommended by the membership to NASJE’s Nominating Committee, chaired by Past President Lee Ann Barnhardt. Other committee members (representatives from each region) include Allison Gallo (Delaware), Ben Barham (Arkansas), Tom Langhorne (Utah), and Margaret Allen (Ohio).

Ms. Barnhardt also serves on the Diversity, Fairness and Access Committee, and all committee members are tasked with promoting diversity of the slate of candidates. The committee will be reaching out to the membership requesting recommendations for individuals who might serve in NASJE leadership positions.

The Nominating Committee assesses members’ interest in serving and assures those nominated or voicing interest are qualified to serve. The Vice President position is always on the ballot, but this year, terms also expire for the Western Regional Director and Northeast Regional Director. Do you know a member who would serve the organization well? Are you interested in serving? Your input, in one way or another, is important. Keep in mind that you may nominate yourself, and please consider reaching out to the Nominating Committee. The deadline for 2019 nominees is August 2.

Appendix B, NASJE Board Resolution 1, in NASJE’s Constitution and Bylaws provides the guidelines for nominations. Details related to the duties and responsibilities of each position are found in the Policies and Procedures. After reviewing that information, if you have questions about serving or need a copy of the nomination forms, please contact Lee Ann Barnhardt at