From the New President – Summer 2011

As the new president of NASJE, I would like to thank immediate past-president Judith Anderson for her leadership and vision. Judith worked hard to keep NASJE moving forward during a financially difficult year for the country.

Using Sober Support Groups in Juvenile Courts

We have all heard of the law of unintended consequences…an adage or idiom that warns that an intervention in a complex system invariably creates unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes. It is a basic principle of economics, and governments struggle with unintended consequences to the policies that are set in place on a daily basis.

Highlights from NASJE Western Regional Conference

The NASJE Western Region hosted its conference in San Francisco, March 3-4, 2011. There were workshops on engaging learners, strategies to improve PowerPoint, evidence-based sentencing, fairness and bias issues. Participants had an opportunity to visit California’s television studio and learn how its judicial education division produces and delivers education programs through satellite television.

NASJE Members Contribute Internationally

by Milt Nuzum, Director, Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College Some NASJE members have had significant experience in the international judicial community by practicing their profession of judicial and court personnel education in developing nations. Many others are interested in Read more